Ring of Return - from the researches of Giacomo Spellslinger
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Author:  Cornflower [ Sun Jul 11, 2004 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Ring of Return - from the researches of Giacomo Spellslinger

In the wake of the Time of Troubles ((for newer folk-- the v5 to v6 switch event)), a number of strange events of a magical and unfathomable nature have transpired throughout Glorwing.

Dragons' connection to the Great Weave of Magic seems to have become more and more prominent: witness the appearance of those who are becoming known as Dragon Disciples, either spontaneously, or as more and more sorcerous folk are becoming aware of wild magic in their blood.

There have been a greater frequency of demonic incursions and interferences by powerful beings beyond the ken of mortals. Some few individuals, of heroic, adventuring dispositions --both helpful and harmful-- have found themselves able to access and train great and greater powers than ever before.

As well, the Standing Stones have experienced surgings and wanings in magical activity. A new portal to Dun Ammon formed some months ago. Also, the indestructible Stones themselves have of late suffered the scrawlings of demonic entities, something heretofore deemed impossible by most.

Recently, as well, some "minor" magical atifacts, known to some as Shards of the Stones, were crafted into Rings of Return, which were distributed by Meroim and Marguerida of the Cornerhouse Inn of Crescent Bay: not insignificantly the furthest point in Glorwing to be explored in the early history of the Rift Expedition.

Meroim has kept a close mouth regarding the origin of the shards which power the Rings, but agreed, under truth-spell, to give answer that he has intended no malign purpose and that he simply thought that having the Trade Guild artificers key the Rings to the Cornerhouse Inn would be sure to make him the pre-eminent merchant of Glorwing --which it certainly has, to date.

No-one thought to quiz him about the fact that gold seems to power the items, occasionally, though it has been generally agreed that a minor reduction of gold-on-hand is likely worth it, for the Rings' convenience, even if it is magically finding its way into Meroim's pockets.

A more disturbing effect is that --occasionally-- users of the Rings feel somewhat tired, or of diminished power, after using them. This generally clears up after a short while. There has been no necromantic or draining effect detected on the rings, but if there is another, hidden price to pay for using them-- then who knows but that we may find out more about where that price is going, in the future...

(( By Ron ))

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