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 Post subject: The Silverfox Sisters (four in one)
PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:14 am 
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Character's Full Name: Stella Silverfox
Character's Preferred Name: Stella Silverfox
Race: Human (sort of, there's a lot of strange blood here, elven, drow, human in an unruly mix)
Sex: Female
Classes: Paladin (pure, or possibly some CoT/WM)
Alignment: LG
Age: 18
Religion: Warrior Priestess of Odin, god of War and Wisdom

Character's Full Name: Celia Silverfox
Character's Preferred Name: Celia Silverfox
Race: Human (sort of, there's a lot of strange blood here, elven, drow, human in an unruly mix. Also, there's a rumour about her grandfather having some bronze dragon blood.)
Sex: Female
Classes: Cleric (will add RDD, it's in her genes which she suspects and fears, so Cleric/Bard/RDD, half-bronze)
Alignment: CG
Age: 18
Religion: Priestess of Freya, godess of Love and Lust

Character's Full Name: Scarlet Silverfox
Character's Preferred Name: Scarlet Silverfox
Race: Human (sort of, there's a lot of strange blood here, elven, drow, human in an unruly mix)
Sex: Female
Classes: Fighter (possibly some WM)
Alignment: CG
Age: 18
Religion: Nah. I don't need religion, I've got an axe!

Character's Full Name: Shaolin Silverfox
Character's Preferred Name: Shaolin Silverfox
Race: Elf/Drow (genetic throwback, there's a lot of strange blood here, elven, drow, human in an unruly mix)
Sex: Female
Classes: Nun (Monk/Rogue)
Alignment: TN
Age: unknown, but very young for an elf, 50-70 or so. Looks like 15 in human terms.
Religion: Sort of. More like Bushido than religion, "The Way". Always striving for perfection, balance and focus.

Background information:

Technically, the Silverfox Sisters are cousins (in Shaolin's case second cousins), but are known in Port Sunrise as The Silverfox Sisters, as they are of the same age and live together in "the Silverfox' Den".


It wasn't easy being the children of celebrities. All the cousins knew the feeling, but Stella perhaps more than the others. She was, as was her youngest cousin, what did the old man on the mountain call it? A throwback. Well, he could call it what he wanted, it was obvious for all to see. It was hard to hide the platinum blonde hair and the blue skin. Coupled with her natural unassuming beauty, it caused some attention wherever she went. Luckily, she was not an overly sensitive person, although like her famous grandmother, she had the gift of empathy paired with the fighter skills. Perhaps it was only natural that she had turned to the martial branch of religion. Stella was a devout worshipper of Odin, the ancient god of wisdom and war, just like her great grandfather.

After they inherited the Casa, the four cousins moved in together. After a thorough rebuilding and renovation, it felt natural to rename the house. Of course, the name was easy to come up with, since all the cousins shared a family name. Stella now shared the old temple with her cousin Celia. It suited them both well. After all, their Deities were always partying together in Asgård.

As Stella was walking the streets of Port Sunrise in the morning light, she was feeling the unease, deep inside. She knew what it meant. The Wanderlust. It was time. Time for the pilgrimage. She knew the others also felt it. She also knew they couldn't travel together this time. She hurried up. There were some old chests in the Den. Perhaps she could find an old sword or something. Either way, it was time to start packing. She might as well get started right away.

Celia was sitting in the tiny garden outside the Den polishing her new warhammer. She could see her cousin marching down the street. She smiled, Stella was always marching, never strolling. Oh, well, she knew it couldn't be easy. They all had their various abilities (or disabilites) they had inherited from their grandparents. Celia was sometimes wondering if it was all the rifts or all the magic or all the potions. Perhaps the combination. Either way, Celia was the lucky one, nothing was visible on the outside. So far. But she could feel it in her blood. Her Grandfather's curse was running deep in her body. Perhaps it wouldn't show? Oh, well. Nothing she could do about it now. She put down the warhammer and tied her luxurious blue-black hair back with a leather strap. This made interesting things happen beneath her pink blouse and she noticed a man passing by having trouble keeping his eyes off of her luscious body. She smiled gently. After all, she was a priestess of the Godess of Love and Lust, it was only proper that she could intice that kind of reaction.

Scarlet laughed out loud. "Again?" She smiled at her lovely cousin. "Well, if you got it, flaunt it, I guess". Scarlet went to the stable door to pry her axe loose. She was throwing the axe at a target nailed to the stable door. She needed to get used to the balance. After she modified the haft slightly, the balance was... not off, but different. Hm. More practice was necessary. Of course, Scarlet was aware that her grandmother was known as one of the best swordfighters in her day, but Scarlet always felt that the axe was more proper for her. It suited her temperament, of which she had a lot, as evident in her glorious shock of unruly, flaming, hair. Scarlet pried her precious axe loose of the target. She held the magnificent weapon angled so she could see the sun's rays playing along the edge. Hm. Perhaps some sharpening? Or at least polishing. She inspected the already flawlessly polished axe with a critical eye.

"Again?". Scarlet jumped. Her youngest cousin Shaolin had snuck out the stable door. Being another throwback to their great grandfather's heritage, Shaolin was very silent on her feet. She was the only one able to sneak up on Scarlet. "Are you admiring the new axe again? Or still?" Being a devout nun, Shaolin had very little interest in weaponry. On the other hand, she could understand the need to hone one's skills. She also had the drive. The drive for perfection. The drive for being the best you could. It was not easy to live with. Celia and Stella turned to religion, Scarlet was trying hard to ignore it, partying hard, taking lots of lovers and in general being immature, Shaolin thought. Still, The Way was not for everyone. It required focus, training and meditation. The last month, she had also noticed a new feeling, a new drive. She knew they all felt it. The Wanderlust. It was not a question of "if", only "when". She was perhaps the one who was least affected so far. She knew she wasn't ready yet. More meditation, more training, better focus was needed. But sooner or later, she knew, they would all be on their pilgrimages. She wondered sadly, would they all make it? Would there be changes? Of course, she understood that they all would change with their experiences, but would their close relationship change?

Many questions. All the cousins had the same questions and knew they would perhaps not find all the answers. That didn't matter. The journey was the goal in itself. It was time. Soon. Soon they would all be on their way. Stella, Warrior-priest of Odin, Celia, Priestess of Freya, Scarlet, the axe-lady and Shaolin, the quiet and unassuming nun. Their heritage could not be denied. They were all adventurers, each in her own way.

(To be continued...)

Who wills, can
Who tries, does
Who loves, lives
(Anne McCaffrey, 1978)

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